Wired Jaw

These instructions give you information on caring for yourself after your procedure. Your doctor may also give you more specific instructions. Call your doctor if you have any problems or questions after your procedure.


  • Keep your mouth clean. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating or drinking anything.

  • To make salt water, mix ½ teaspoon of salt in 1 cup warm water.

  • Apply moist heat until the puffiness (swelling) goes down. Use a moist washcloth.

  • Brush the front of your teeth with a child size, soft toothbrush after you eat.

  • Use petroleum jelly on your lips to keep them from drying and cracking.

  • If you need to throw up (vomit), turn your face down or to the side and blow out.

  • To keep the puffiness down in your mouth, sit up or prop yourself up with 2 or 3 pillows.

  • Follow a broken (fractured) jaw diet.

  • Cover the wire with wax if any wires are cutting into your lips or gums.

  • Certain medicines may make you sleepy. Do not drive while taking pain medicines.

  • Only take medicine as told by your doctor.

  • Keep all doctor visits as told.


  • Your pain is severe and is not helped by medicine.

  • You feel sick to your stomach (nauseous) or throw up, and it is not helped by medicine.

  • You have a fever.

  • You feel that one or more wires have broken.

  • You have dizziness.

  • You pass out (faint).


  • Understand these instructions.

  • Will watch your condition.

  • Will get help right away if you are not doing well or get worse.