Vitamin D Deficiency

ExitCare Image Not having enough vitamin D is called a deficiency. Your body needs this vitamin to keep your bones strong and healthy. Having too little of it can make your bones soft or can cause other health problems.


  • Take all vitamins, herbs, or nutrition drinks (supplements) as told by your doctor.

  • Have your blood tested 2 months after taking vitamins, herbs, or nutrition drinks.

  • Eat foods that have vitamin D. This includes:

  • Dairy products, cereals, or juices with added vitamin D. Check the label.

  • Fatty fish like salmon or trout.

  • Eggs.

  • Oysters.

  • Do not use tanning beds.

  • Stay at a healthy weight. Lose weight if needed.

  • Keep all doctor visits as told.


  • You have questions.

  • You continue to have problems.

  • You feel sick to your stomach (nauseous) or throw up (vomit).

  • You cannot go poop (constipated).

  • You feel confused.

  • You have severe belly (abdominal) or back pain.


  • Understand these instructions.

  • Will watch your condition.

  • Will get help right away if you are not doing well or get worse.