Care After

Refer to this sheet in the next few weeks. These instructions provide you with information on caring for yourself after your procedure. Your caregiver may also give you more specific instructions. Your treatment has been planned according to current medical practices, but problems sometimes occur. Call your caregiver if you have any problems or questions after your procedure.


  • Only take over-the-counter or prescription medicines for pain, discomfort, or fever as directed by your caregiver.

  • Avoid using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID's) as these can make bleeding worse.

  • An ice pack for twenty to thirty minutes, 4 to 6 times per day for the first 2 or 3 days, will help decrease swelling.

  • Avoid being active for the first 2 days following surgery.

  • Wear a supporter while moving around for the first week following surgery.

  • Some oozing of blood from the cuts (incisions) by the surgeon is normal during the first day or two following the procedure.

  • Do not participate in sports or perform heavy physical labor for at least two weeks.

  • Blood in the ejaculate is common and typically clears after a few days.

  • Be sure to follow-up with your surgeon as instructed to confirm sterility.


  • There is redness, swelling, or increasing pain in the wounds or testicles (scrotum).

  • Pus is coming from wound.

  • An unexplained oral temperature above 102° F (38.9° C) develops.

  • You notice a foul smell coming from the wound or dressing.

  • There is a breaking open of the stitches (suture) line or wound edges even after sutures have been removed.

  • There is increased bleeding from the wounds.


  • You develop a rash.

  • You have difficulty breathing.

  • You develop any reaction or side effects to medications given.