Vaginal Foreign Body

ExitCare ImageAny object found in the vagina is called a "foreign body." Any foreign body should not stay in the vagina for more than 6 hours. Bleeding, itching, pain, puffiness (swelling), or rash in the area may develop. You might get an infection even after the object is taken out. Do not try to remove the object yourself, unless it is easy to grab.


  • Do not leave tampons in for more than 6 to 8 hours. Do not wear tampons to bed. Use a pad when you sleep.

  • Do not put objects in the vagina for sexual activities.

  • Do not clean the vagina with a jet of water (douche).

  • Follow up with your doctor within 1 week.


  • You think you left a tampon or other object in the vagina.

  • You have bleeding, pain, puffiness, or a bad smell coming from the vagina.

  • You have fluid coming from the vagina.

  • You have pain when you pee (urinate).

  • You have a fever.

  • You get chills, feel weak, or pass out (faint).

  • You have belly (abdominal) pain.

  • You are shaking (convulsions), start throwing up (vomiting), or have watery poop (diarrhea).


  • Understand these instructions.

  • Will watch your condition.

  • Will get help right away if you are not doing well or get worse.