Urodynamic Study

ExitCare ImageA urodynamic study is a set of tests and X-rays. These tests help to find out why you are having problems holding on to your pee (urine) or with peeing (urinating). It helps the doctor see your:

  • Bladder.

  • Urethra.

  • Valves in your body that control your pee (sphincters).


  • Two thin tubes (catheters) are used. One is put in your bladder and the other is put into where your poop comes out (rectum).

  • The tube that is put into your bladder will be filled with a cup of germ free (sterile) water. The tubes help check how your bladder is doing as it is being filled up.

  • Once your bladder is filled, X-rays are taken while you cough or push down as if you were trying to poop (have a bowel movement).

  • This test will show why you are having a problem with leaking pee.

  • In the last part of the test, you will need to pee while the tube is still in your bladder.

  • The whole test will take about 30 to 45 minutes. When it is done, your doctor will talk to you about what kinds of treatments may work best for you.