24-Hour Urine Collection


  • ExitCare ImageWhen you get up in the morning on the day you do this test, pee (urinate) in the toilet and flush. Make a note of the time. This will be your start time on the day of collection and the end time on the next morning.

  • From then on, save all your pee (urine) in the plastic jug that was given to you.

  • You should stop collecting your pee 24 hours after you started.

  • If the plastic jug that is given to you already has liquid in it, that is okay. Do not throw out the liquid or rinse out the jug. Some tests need the liquid to be added to your pee.

  • Keep your plastic jug cool (in an ice chest or the refrigerator) during the test.

  • When the 24 hours is over, bring your plastic jug to the clinic lab. Keep the jug cool (in an ice chest) while you are bringing it to the lab.