Umbilical Hernia, Child

Your child has an umbilical hernia. Hernia is a weakness in the wall of the abdomen. Umbilical hernias will usually look like a big bellybutton with extra loose skin. They can stick out when a loop of bowel slips into the hernia defect and gets pushed out between the muscles. If this happens, the bowel can almost always be pushed back in place without hurting your child.

If the hernia is very large, surgery may be necessary. If the intestine becomes stuck in the hernia sack and cannot be pushed back in, then an operation is needed right away to prevent damage to the bowel. Talk with your child's caregiver about the need for surgery.


  • Your child develops extreme fussiness and repeated vomiting.

  • Your child develops severe abdominal pain or will not eat.

  • You are unable to push the hernia contents back into the belly.