Trigger Point Therapy

Your exam shows your pain is coming from one or more trigger points. These points are places where the muscles of the neck, shoulder, back, and legs are tender to touch and cause pain, spasm, and fatigue. This condition can cause headaches, painful neck spasms, and low back pain. Trigger points can be thought of as weak areas of muscle that spasm and form hard knots when under chronic strain or stress. Treatment of trigger points may include medicines to reduce pain and inflammation and relax the muscles.

Physical therapy can include several techniques. Deep friction massage over the tender areas can often help relieve pain and stiffness. Relaxation exercises and stretching may be helpful; cervical and lumbar traction can be used in severe cases. Cold therapy and hot packs have both proven helpful. Injection therapy with saline, anesthetics, or cortisone medicines, has also been very successful at reducing symptoms. Two or more injections are often needed over several weeks to gain the greatest benefit. Call your doctor to arrange for further treatment as recommended.