Total Knee Replacement

ExitCare Image Total knee replacement is a surgery to replace your damaged knee joint. Your knee joint is replaced with a man-made (artificial) knee joint. The man-made knee joint is called a prosthesis. This surgery is done to reduce pain. It is also done to allow you to be more active.


  • Your doctor will tell you when to stop eating.

  • Your doctor will tell you when to stop drinking.

  • Ask your doctor if you need to change or stop any regular medicines.


You may also be given medicine that makes you relax (sedative) or makes you sleep (general anesthetic). You also will be given medicine that numbs you from the waist down (spinal block).

During your procedure:

  • A surgical cut (incision) is made in the front of your knee.

  • Damaged parts of your knee joint are removed.

  • A new metal liner is put over the part of the thigh bone that is removed.

  • A plastic liner is put over the shin bone.

  • A plastic piece often is put over the surface of your knee cap.


  • You will be taken to the recovery area.

  • Once you are doing okay, you will be taken to your hospital room.

  • You will do different types of exercises (physical therapy) at the hospital.

  • Your leg may be placed in a machine that gently moves it.

  • You will likely stay in the hospital for 2–4 days.

  • Your doctor may have you take medicine to make your blood thinner. This helps to prevent blood clots.