Toothaches are usually caused by tooth decay (cavity). However, other causes of toothache include:

  • Gum disease.

  • Cracked tooth.

  • Cracked filling.

  • Injury.

  • Jaw problem (temporo mandibular joint or TMJ disorder).

  • Tooth abscess.

  • Root sensitivity.

  • Grinding.

  • Eruption problems.

Swelling and redness around a painful tooth often means you have a dental abscess.

Pain medicine and antibiotics can help reduce symptoms, but you will need to see a dentist within the next few days to have your problem properly evaluated and treated. If tooth decay is the problem, you may need a filling or root canal to save your tooth. If the problem is more severe, your tooth may need to be pulled.


  • You cannot swallow.

  • You develop severe swelling, increased redness, or increased pain in your mouth or face.

  • You have a fever.

  • You cannot open your mouth adequately.