Semen Analysis

This is a test used to learn about the health of your reproductive organs, particularly if your partner is having trouble becoming pregnant, or after a vasectomy to determine if the operation was successful. Semen is the turbid, whitish substance that is released from the penis during ejaculation. Sperm are the cells in semen with a head and a tail that enables them to travel to the egg. A sperm contains one copy of each chromosome (all of the male's genes) and fuses with the female's egg, resulting in fertilization.


A semen sample will be collected in a sterile, wide-mouth container provided by the lab.


  • Volume: 2-5 mL

  • Liquefaction time: 20 to 30 minutes after collection

  • pH: 7.12-8.00

  • Sperm count (density): 50-200 million/mL

  • Sperm motility: 60% to 80% actively motile

  • Sperm morphology: 70% to 90% normally shaped

Ranges for normal findings may vary among different laboratories and hospitals. You should always check with your doctor after having lab work or other tests done to discuss the meaning of your test results and whether your values are considered within normal limits.


Your caregiver will go over the test results with you and discuss the importance and meaning of your results, as well as treatment options and the need for additional tests if necessary.


It is your responsibility to obtain your test results. Ask the lab or department performing the test when and how you will get your results.