Salivary Stone

Your exam shows you have a stone in one of your saliva glands. These small stones form around a mucous plug in the ducts of the glands and cause the saliva in the gland to be blocked. This makes the gland swollen and painful, especially when you eat. If repeated episodes occur, the gland can become infected. Sometimes these stones can be seen on x-ray.

Treatment includes stimulating the production of saliva to push the stone out. You should suck on a lemon or sour candies several times daily. Antibiotic medicine may be needed if the gland is infected. Increasing fluids, applying warm compresses to the swollen area 3-4 times daily, and massaging the gland from back to front may encourage drainage and passage of the stone.

Surgical treatment to remove the stone is sometimes necessary, so proper medical follow up is very important. Call your doctor for an appointment as recommended. Call right away if you have a high fever, severe headache, vomiting, uncontrolled pain, or other serious symptoms.