Pregnancy - Second Trimester

The second trimester is the period between 13 to 27 weeks of your pregnancy. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions.


  • Do not smoke.

  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs.

  • Only take medicine as told by your doctor.

  • Take prenatal vitamins as told. The vitamin should contain 1 milligram of folic acid.

  • Exercise.

  • Eat healthy foods. Eat regular, well-balanced meals.

  • You can have sex (intercourse) if there are no other problems with the pregnancy.

  • Do not use hot tubs, steam rooms, or saunas.

  • Wear a seat belt while driving.

  • Avoid raw meat, uncooked cheese, and litter boxes and soil used by cats.

  • Visit your dentist. Cleanings are okay.


  • You have a temperature by mouth above 102° F (38.9° C), not controlled by medicine.

  • Fluid is coming from your vagina.

  • Blood is coming from your vagina. Light spotting is common, especially after sex (intercourse).

  • You have a bad smelling fluid (discharge) coming from the vagina. The fluid changes from clear to white.

  • You still feel sick to your stomach (nauseous).

  • You throw up (vomit) blood.

  • You lose or gain more than 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) of weight in a week, or as suggested by your doctor.

  • Your face, hands, feet, or legs get puffy (swell).

  • You get exposed to German measles and have never had them.

  • You get exposed to fifth disease or chickenpox.

  • You have belly (abdominal) pain.

  • You have a bad headache that will not go away.

  • You have watery poop (diarrhea), pain when you pee (urinate), or have shortness of breath.

  • You start to have problems seeing (blurry or double vision).

  • You fall, are in a car accident, or have any kind of trauma.

  • There is mental or physical violence at home.

  • You have any concerns or worries during your pregnancy.


  • Understand these instructions.

  • Will watch your condition.

  • Will get help right away if you are not doing well or get worse.