ExitCare ImageOtomycosis is a fungus infection of the ear canal. This may cause an earache, hearing loss, and large amounts of debris to accumulate in the ear canal. Otomycosis is more common in humid climates and is usually caused by candida or aspegillus. External ear infections that do not respond to antibiotic ear drops may be due to a fungus. The most common symptom or complaint is itching or itching deep in the ear canal. Unless your eardrum has a hole in it, anti-fungal medicines used on the skin can be used 2 to 3 times daily in the ear canal after the debris is cleaned out thoroughly. Two weeks of treatment are usually needed, but careful follow-up is recommended. Fungus infections can be difficult to cure.

Except for your ear drops, the ear canal must be kept dry until the infection is cured. Do not go swimming or use ear plugs. Protect your ear canal with a cotton ball covered with petroleum jelly while showering. Call your caregiver if you are not better after several days of treatment.


You develop severe pain, increased hearing loss, dizziness, vomiting, a high fever, or other serious symptoms.