Sarcoidosis is a progressive multi-system disease. It often affects young adults. Neurosarcoidosis refers to the neurological manifestations of sarcoidosis.


Symptoms vary widely. They may include:

  • Facial palsy.

  • Muscle weakness and wasting.

  • Numbness in various parts of the body.

  • Excessive thirst.

  • Fatigue.

  • Headache.

  • Seizures.

  • Lethargy.

  • Fever.

  • Memory loss.

  • Hallucinations.

  • Irritability.

  • Agitation.

  • Depression.

  • Loss of taste, and voice.

  • Hearing and vision impairments.


The cause for sarcoidosis is unknown. There is no cure. Corticosteroids or immunosuppressive drugs may relieve symptoms in selected patients.