Narcotic Overdose

A narcotic overdose is the misuse or overuse of a narcotic drug. A narcotic overdose can make you pass out and stop breathing. If you are not treated right away, this can cause permanent brain damage or stop your heart. Medicine may be given to reverse the effects of an overdose. If so, this medicine may bring on withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms may be abdominal cramps, throwing up (vomiting), sweating, chills, and nervousness.

Injecting narcotics can cause more problems than just an overdose. AIDS, hepatitis, and other very serious infections are transmitted by sharing needles and syringes. If you decide to quit using, there are medicines which can help you through the withdrawal period. Trying to quit all at once on your own can be uncomfortable, but not life-threatening. Call your caregiver, Narcotics Anonymous, or any drug and alcohol treatment program for further help.