ExitCare ImageMyelography is an X-ray test that uses a special dye to look at your spine or neck. This test is usually done to look for:

  • Spinal cord injury.

  • Disk ruptures.

  • Fluid-filled pockets of tissue (cysts) on your spinal cord or nerve roots.

  • Tumors on your spinal cord or nerve roots.


Arrange for someone to drive you home after the test.


  • You will lie on your stomach during the procedure.

  • Medicine may be given to you to help you relax.

  • A numbing medicine will be applied to area that they will be injecting you with a needle.

  • A needle will be inserted between two of your back bones.

  • A special machine will be used to help your doctor guide the needle into the sac that surrounds your spinal cord and nerves. A special dye will be injected into this sac.

  • The table you lie on may be moved around to make sure the dye moves all around your spinal cord and nerves.

  • Pictures the area will be taken by X-ray or CT.


  • You will be taken to a recovery area.

  • You will lie flat with your head in a raised position. This is to prevent a severe headache.