Miller Fisher Syndrome

Miller Fisher syndrome is a rare, acute polyneuropathy. This is a type of degeneration of the peripheral nerves that spreads toward the center of the body. The disorder is a variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome.


The majority of individuals with Miller Fisher syndrome have a unique antibody that characterizes the disorder.


Problems include:

  • Abnormal muscle coordination (ataxia).

  • Paralysis of the eye muscles (ophthalmoplegia).

  • Absence of reflexes (areflexia).

Symptoms may be preceded by a viral illness. They include generalized:

  • Muscle weakness.

  • Respiratory failure.

They are similar to those found in Guillain-Barre syndrome.


Treatment for this disorder is identical to treatment for Guillain-Barre syndrome:

  • Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg).

  • A procedure in which antibodies are removed from the blood (plasmapheresis).

  • Supportive care.