ExitCare Image Mammography is an X-ray of the breasts. The X-ray image of the breast is called a mammogram. This test can:

  • Find changes in the breast that are not normal.

  • Look for early signs of cancer.

  • Find cancer.

  • Diagnose cancer.


  • Make your test about 7 days after your period (menses).

  • If you have a new doctor or clinic, send any past mammogram images to your new doctor's office.

  • Wash your breasts and under your arms the day of the test.

  • Do not wear deodorant, perfume, or powder on your body.

  • Wear clothes that you can change in and out of easily.


Try to relax during the test.

  • You will get undressed from the waist up. You will put on a gown.

  • You will stand in front of the X-ray machine.

  • Each breast will be placed between 2 plastic or glass plates. The plates will press down on your breast.

  • X-rays will be taken of the breast from different angles.

The test should take less than 30 minutes.


  • The X-ray image will be looked at carefully.

  • You may need to do certain parts of the test again if the images are unclear.

  • Ask when your test results will be ready. Get your test results.

  • You may go back to your normal activities.