MammoSite Radiation Therapy System

Care After

Please read the instructions outlined below. Refer to this sheet in the next few weeks. These discharge instructions give you general information on caring for yourself after you leave the hospital. Your caregiver may also give you specific instructions. While your treatment has been planned according to the most current medical practices available, unavoidable problems sometimes happen. If you have any problems or questions after discharge, please call your caregiver.


  • Resume your regular activity.

  • The dressing and surgical bra should stay in place until your follow-up CT scan.

  • No showering until after your radiation treatments are done.


Resume your normal diet as instructed.


  • You will receive radiation therapy.

  • At your next appointment, the nurse will teach you how to clean the site and change the dressing twice a day.

  • A CT Scan will be scheduled after the operation to verify proper placement of the MammoSite system.

  • If the final test results of your tissue show a positive (cancerous) lymph node, the catheter will be removed. Traditional radiation therapy will then be discussed.


  • You should receive a prescription of medication that kills germs (antibiotic) upon discharge.

  • Follow the instructions given on your prescription. Take all of the antibiotics prescribed to you.


  • You have any questions about your surgery.

  • You have any questions about your radiation therapy.

  • You are vomiting.

  • You reach a temperature over 102° F (38.9° C).

  • You have belly (abdominal) discomfort that is severe or worsens throughout the day.

  • You develop a rash, itching, shortness of breath, or any other signs of a reaction to the antibiotic.