Mallet Finger

You have a hand injury called mallet finger. This means that the tendon which straightens the fingertip is torn. This injury usually results from jamming the end of the finger. A small fracture at the joint may also be present. Most of the time, this injury can be treated with a simple splint. Keep your finger elevated and use an icepack on it every 2-3 hours for several days to help reduce pain and to keep the swelling down. Although the injury often causes a deformity at the joint, surgery is not needed if a splint is used properly.

A properly fit special finger splint will hold the tendon ends together until the tendon is healed. You must wear this splint continuously for at least 6-8 weeks, or you may end up with a permanent deformity. If the end joint of the finger bends at any time before healing is complete, the treatment may fail. Please do not remove this splint until your doctor approves. Be sure to see the doctor for follow-up care as recommended. If your finger becomes more painful, swollen, or red, you should see your doctor right away.


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