Your child has a limp. This is most probably due to a minor sprain or bruise. When children limp or show other signs of not wanting to bear weight on one leg (like crawling when they can already walk), they usually do not have a serious injury. A minor injury such as a fall may cause hip pain for several days. If your child can point to the spot that hurts, this can help with the diagnosis. Most children will get better after 1-2 days of rest.

If there is no improvement, your child needs to be evaluated. As part of an evaluation, your child may have some tests performed such as x-rays, ultrasound and blood tests. Sometimes, more invasive testing such as inserting a needle into the hip joint or bone is required to see if there is an infection.


  • Fever develops.

  • There is swelling at any site.

  • Your child has tenderness or a painful spot on the leg where you touch or press.

  • There is a red area on the leg.

  • Your child is not feeling well or is too sleepy or irritable.