IVP Study

This information is about a special X-ray of your kidneys and bladder. It is called an IVP or intravenous pyelogram. An IVP is often done to help check for problems with kidney stones, urinary tract infections, or blood in the urine.

This test is done by injecting a dye that shows up on X-ray. The injection is done through an IV into one of your veins. You may get a warm flushed feeling for 20 to 30 seconds. Some people may experience nausea after receiving IVP dye. Let your technologist or caregiver know if you begin to feel sick to your stomach.

After the injection, X-ray pictures are taken of the belly area. The X-rays show how the kidneys and urine collection system are working. The exam usually takes about 30 minutes to complete, although may last longer if many X-rays are needed.

Your IVP will be studied by a specialist. They will give a report to your caregiver.

Make sure you know how to get your results.