Infected Circumcision

Redness and soreness (inflammation) at the end of the penis is a known possible complication of circumcision. It is usually caused by a bacteria germ. Symptoms include redness, swelling, and pain. A culture may be needed to know the exact germ causing the infection and to know the best treatment.


  • Keep the penis and infected area clean. Be very gentle when cleaning.

  • Bathe normally but do not use scented soap.

  • Be sure you or your child do not have an allergy to the antibiotic cream. If not allergic, apply antibiotic cream or ointment to the red and swollen area four times a day.

  • If antibiotics were prescribed, take them as directed.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing to prevent rubbing against the infected area.

  • Call your caregiver or return to the Emergency Department for exam in 2 to 3 days.


  • You or your child has difficulty urinating or can not urinate.

  • Pus drains from the site.

  • New bleeding occurs that does not stop within a few minutes.

  • Fever develops.

  • There is marked increase in pain, swelling, or redness.