Hallucinations and Delusions

You seem to be having hallucinations and/or delusions. You may be hearing voices that no one else can hear. This can seem very real to you. You may be having thoughts and fears that do not make sense to others. This condition can be due to mental disease like schizophrenia. It may be caused by a medical condition, such as an infection or electrolyte disturbance. These symptoms are also seen in drug abusers, especially those who use crack cocaine and amphetamines. Drugs like PCP, LSD, MDMA, peyote, and psilocybin can also cause frightening hallucinations and loss of control.

If your symptoms are due to drug abuse, your mental state should improve as the drug(s) leave your system. Someone you trust should be with you until you are better to protect you and calm your fears. Often tranquilizers are very helpful at controlling hallucinations, anxiety, and destructive behavior. Getting a proper diet and enough sleep is important to recovery. If your symptoms are not due to drugs, or do not improve over several days after stopping drug use, you need further medical or mental health care.


  • Your symptoms get worse, especially if you think your life is in danger

  • You have violent or destructive thoughts.

Recovery is possible, but you have to get proper treatment and avoid drugs that are known to cause you trouble.