Provisional Diagnosis

You have been seen today and your caregiver feels that you have the following condition: ____________________

The following information that is checked applies to you. It may be possible that some of your lab work or X-rays may need to be available to make a final diagnosis. Sometimes some of these tests require repeating.

_____ X-rays were taken today and will be read again by a radiologist. The official reading will be back in one to two days. If there is a difference between our initial reading and the radiologist's, we will call you.

_____ Lab work was done today and should be back within twenty-four hours. Contact your caregiver in one day for your lab results.

_____ Cultures were done today. These generally take at least two days for results. Contact your caregiver in two to three days for your results.

_____ You have had special procedures done today and the results will not be available for __________ days. Contact your caregiver in __________ days for your results.

If the hospital or lab is going to call you, make sure you give them a number where you can be reached and a time when you will be available at that number. If this is not possible, find out what is the best time and number to call so you can get your results.