Fibrocystic Breast Changes

ExitCare ImageFibrocystic breast changes happens when tiny sacs filled with fluid form in the breast. They are not cancer. They can feel like lumps.


  • Check your breasts after every menstrual period or the first day of every month if you do not have menstrual periods. Check for:

  • Soreness.

  • New puffiness (swelling).

  • A change in breast size.

  • A change in a lump that was already there.

  • Only take medicine as told by your doctor.

  • Wear a support or sports bra that fits well.

  • Avoid caffeine in pop, chocolate, coffee, and tea.


  • You have fluid coming from your nipples, especially if it is bloody.

  • You have new lumps or bumps in your breast.

  • Your breast becomes puffy, red, and painful.

  • You have changes in how your breast looks.

  • Your nipples look flat or sunk in.