Fall Prevention

Falls cause injuries and can affect all age groups. It is possible to prevent falls.


  • Wear shoes with non-slip soles (not slippers).

  • Have your home and outside area well lit.

  • Use night lights throughout your home.

  • Remove clutter.

  • Clean up floor spills.

  • Remove throw rugs or fasten them to the floor with carpet tape.

  • Do not place electrical cords across pathways.

  • Put grab bars by your tub, shower, and toilet. Do not use towel bars as grab bars.

  • Put handrails on both sides of the stairway.

  • Do not climb on stools or stepladders.

  • Do not wax your floors.

  • Repair uneven or unsafe sidewalks, walkways, or stairs.

  • Keep items you use a lot within reach.

  • Be aware of pets.

  • Change positions slowly.

  • Sit up on the side of your bed for a few minutes before standing. This prevents dizziness.

  • Keep a bedside commode by your bed at night.

  • If you have a cane or walker, be sure to use it whenever you are walking.

  • Have your eyes and hearing checked every year.

Ask your doctor what other things you can do to prevent falls.


  • You feel dizzy, weak, or unsteady on your feet.

  • You feel confused.

  • You fall and hurt yourself.