Facial Infection

You have an infection of your face. This requires special attention to help prevent serious problems. Infections in facial wounds can cause poor healing and scars. They can also spread to deeper tissues, especially around the eye. Wound and dental infections can lead to sinusitis, infection of the eye socket, and even meningitis. Permanent damage to the skin, eye, and nervous system may result if facial infections are not treated properly. With severe infections, hospital care for IV antibiotic injections may be needed if they don't respond to oral antibiotics.

Antibiotics must be taken for the full course to insure the infection is eliminated. If the infection came from a bad tooth, it may have to be extracted when the infection is under control. Warm compresses may be applied to reduce skin irritation and remove drainage.

You might need a tetanus shot now if:

  • You cannot remember when your last tetanus shot was.

  • You have never had a tetanus shot.

  • The object that caused your wound was dirty.

If you need a tetanus shot, and you decide not to get one, there is a rare chance of getting tetanus. Sickness from tetanus can be serious. If you got a tetanus shot, your arm may swell, get red and warm to the touch at the shot site. This is common and not a problem.


  • You have increased swelling, redness, or trouble breathing.

  • You have a severe headache, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.

  • You develop problems with your eyesight.

  • You have a fever.