Excision of Tumor with Frozen Section

You are scheduled to have a total removal or a piece (biopsy) of a lump or bump (tumor) removed. Following the removal of the tumor, pieces of it will be sent to the lab. At the lab a specialist (pathologist) will freeze the biopsy and it will be prepared so that it can be looked at under a microscope.

This is an instrument that lets the specialist determine what type of cells make up the tumor or lump. They can tell if the lump is benign or cancerous. If the lump is cancerous, they can also determine if the cancer has grown beyond the margins of what has been removed. If this has happened it may mean that more extensive removal of the tumor must be done.

Following the removal of the tumor, you will be returned to your room and when you are awake and doing well you will be allowed to go home.

Make sure you are aware how you are to get any final results on tests done and what you are supposed to do in follow-up.