ExitCare ImageElectrocardiograhy is a test to check the heart. It looks at how your heart beats. It is done if:

  • You are having a heart attack.

  • You may have had a heart attack in the past.

  • You are having a health check-up.


  • This test is easy and painless.

  • You will remove your clothes from the waist up, wear a hospital gown, and lie down on your back.

  • Small round pads (electrodes) will be placed on your chest, arms, and legs. The round pads are attached to wires that go to a machine. The machine records the electrical activity of your heart.

  • You will be asked to relax and lie very still.

  • The test takes a few minutes.


  • If the test was done as part of a routine exam, you can go back to your normal activity as told by your doctor.

  • Your results will be looked at by a heart doctor (cardiologist).

  • Ask when your test results will be ready. Make sure you get your test results.