Drug Testing

Drug testing means analyzing your blood or urine to determine if a drug is present or to check the level or concentration of a drug or alcohol. Drug tests are most often used to help guide treatment of patients with seizures. They are also used to measure the levels of other medicines including digoxin and lithium. Urine tests for recreational drugs (narcotics, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana) are often required as part of a pre-employment exam. They may also be used in evaluating work-related injuries.

In blood tests to evaluate drug levels, there may be variations in the results. The results depend on when you took your last dose and other factors. There may be small differences between normal and abnormal results. If your test results are above or below the normal range, you may need additional tests or a change in your drug treatment. This will improve the benefit or reduce the risk of toxicity or side effects.


You have any questions about your test results or treatment plan.