ExitCare ImageA diskography is an X-ray test. During this test, X-ray dye is put into the spaces between the disks of your spine in your lower back.


On the day of the test:

  • Take your usual heart and blood pressure medicines with small sips of water.

  • Do not take your insulin or diabetes pills if you have diabetes. Bring your medicine with you. You can take them when the test is over.

  • Do not drive. Have someone bring you to the test and take you home.


  • You will change into a hospital gown.

  • A tube (IV) will be put in the vein of your arm.

  • You will lie on your stomach.

  • The doctor will numb some places on the skin of your lower back.

  • The doctor will put the X-ray dye into the disks of your spine in your lower back.

  • When you are asked, tell the doctor where you feel pain. Try to tell the doctor if the pain is like your normal pain or not.

  • The test will take about 1 hour.


  • You will have a CAT or CT scan after your diskography.

  • Small bandages will be put over the places where the needles were put in.

  • You will be in the recovery room for about 4 to 6 hours.

  • The nurse will check on you until the doctor says you are ready to leave.

  • You may be given something to eat while in recovery.

Finding out the results of your test

Ask when your test results will be ready. Make sure you get your test results.