Dilation and Curettage or Vacuum Curettage, Care After

ExitCare ImageThese instructions give you information on caring for yourself after your procedure. Your doctor may also give you more specific instructions. Call your doctor if you have any problems or questions after your procedure.


  • Do not drive for 24 hours.

  • Wait 1 week before doing any activities that wear you out.

  • Take your temperature 2 times a day for 4 days. Write it down. Tell your doctor if you have a fever.

  • Do not stand for a long time.

  • Do not lift, push, or pull anything over 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms).

  • Limit stair climbing to once or twice a day.

  • Rest often.

  • Continue with your usual diet.

  • Drink enough fluids to keep your pee (urine) clear or pale yellow.

  • If you have a hard time pooping (constipation), you may:

  • Take a medicine to help you go poop (laxative) as told by your doctor.

  • Eat more fruit and bran.

  • Drink more fluids.

  • Take showers, not baths, for as long as told by your doctor.

  • Do not swim or use a hot tub until your doctor says it is okay.

  • Have someone with you for 1–2 days after the procedure.

  • Do not douche, use tampons, or have sex (intercourse) for 2 weeks.

  • Only take medicines as told by your doctor. Do not take aspirin. It can cause bleeding.

  • Keep all doctor visits.


  • You have cramps or pain not helped by medicine.

  • You have new pain in the belly (abdomen).

  • You have a bad smelling fluid coming from your vagina.

  • You have a rash.

  • You have problems with any medicine.


  • You start to bleed more than a regular period.

  • You have a fever.

  • You have chest pain.

  • You have trouble breathing.

  • You feel dizzy or feel like passing out (fainting).

  • You pass out.

  • You have pain in the tops of your shoulders.

  • You have vaginal bleeding with or without clumps of blood (blood clots).