Oxalate Restricted Diet

A low-oxalate diet consists of foods that are low in a naturally occurring compound called oxalate that is found in plants.


Your caregiver may ask you to follow a low-oxalate diet in order to reduce certain types of kidney stones.


Avoid high-oxalate foods listed below:

  • Grains: High-fiber or bran cereal, whole-wheat bread, grits, barley, buckwheat, graham crackers, amaranth, pretzels, and fruitcake.

  • Vegetables: Dried beans, wax beans, French fries, sweet potatoes, chives, dark leafy greens, eggplant, leaks, okra, parsley, rutabaga, tomato paste, watercress, and escarole.

  • Fruit: Dried apricots, red currants, figs, kiwi, plums, and rhubarb.

  • Meat and Meat Substitutes: All nuts and nut butters, sesame seeds, and tahini paste. Soybeans and foods made from soy (soyburger, miso).

  • Milk: Chocolate milk and soymilk.

  • Fats and Oils: None to avoid.

  • Condiments/Miscellaneous: Chocolate, carob, marmalade, poppy seeds, instant iced tea, and juice from high-oxalate fruits.