Dental Injury

Your exam shows that you have injured your teeth. The treatment of broken teeth and other dental injuries depends on how badly they are hurt. All dental injuries should be checked as soon as possible by a dentist if there are:

  • Loose teeth which may need to be wired or bonded with a plastic device to hold them in place.

  • Broken teeth with exposed tooth pulp which may cause a serious infection.

  • Painful teeth especially when you bite or chew.

  • Sharp tooth edges that cut your tongue or lips.

Sometimes, antibiotics or pain medicine are prescribed to prevent infection and control pain. Eat a soft or liquid diet and rinse your mouth out after meals with warm water. You should see a dentist or return here at once if you have increased swelling, increased pain or uncontrolled bleeding from the site of your injury.


  • You have increased pain not controlled with medicines.

  • You have swelling around your tooth, in your face or neck.

  • You have bleeding which starts, continues, or gets worse.

  • You have a fever.