Circumcision, Adult

Care After

ExitCare ImageThese instructions give you information on caring for yourself after your procedure. Your doctor may also give you more specific instructions. Call your doctor if you have any problems or questions after your procedure.


  • Only take medicine as told by your doctor.

  • Any bandages (dressings) should stay on for at least 24 hours.

  • You may take the bandages off at night to let air get to the area where your doctor made a cut (incision site). Once a scab forms over the cut, you will not need to use bandages.

  • Carefully remove the bandage if it gets dirty. Apply medicated cream to the cut. Carefully put a new bandage on if a scab has not formed.

  • Do not have sex until your doctor says it is OK.

  • Do not get your cut wet for 24 hours or as told by your doctor.

  • You may take a sponge bath. Clean around the cut gently with mild soap and water.

  • You may take a shower after 24 hours or as told by your doctor. Do not take a tub bath. After you shower, gently pat your cut dry. Do not rub it.

  • Avoid heavy lifting.

  • Avoid contact sports, biking, or swimming until you have healed. This usually takes 10–14 days.


  • You have pain that does not go away after you take medicine for it.

  • You have puffiness (swelling) or redness that is unexpected.


  • You have a fever.

  • You cannot pee (urinate).

  • You have pain when you pee.

  • Your pain is not helped by medicines.

  • There is redness, puffiness, and soreness spreading up the shaft of your penis, your thighs, or your lower belly (abdomen).

  • There is yellowish-white fluid (pus) coming from your cut.

  • You have bleeding that does not stop when you press on it.


  • Understand these instructions.

  • Will watch your condition.

  • Will get help right away if you are not doing well or get worse.