Pain Management, Chronic

You have a painful condition that has required frequent use of narcotic-type pain medicine. We would like to see that you receive the best possible care for your problem. To achieve this, you must have a personal physician who can supervise a treatment plan for you. You may locate a personal physician on your own or contact one of the doctors whose name has been given to you.

If your physician determines that you need to visit the Emergency Department for pain control, that doctor should provide you with a pain contract. This is a letter from your doctor which describes what pain medicine you may receive, how much and how often. You sign it agreeing to the terms of the treatment plan. Bring this with each time you come to this facility. It will help the Emergency Physician provide the proper treatment for you with minimal delay.

Please Note: In the future you may not be able to receive narcotic pain medicine from this facility without a pain contract or telephone approval from your personal physician.