Child Abuse

Your caregiver wants you to have information about child abuse. The law requires nurses and doctors to report all suspected cases of child abuse. The child welfare authorities must be notified if there is any suspicion about a child's injuries or general health. The child welfare department is responsible for investigating and evaluating the situation.

Child abuse is a common problem. Up to 10% of all children's injuries needing emergency care may be due to child abuse or neglect. Most abused children are under 4 years of age. Many come from families where the parents were abused as children. This problem occurs among all social classes. Fortunately there are many programs available to help stop child abuse.

Abused children may need hospital care. This can be done without parental consent if necessary. Parents of abused children must be counseled to help them deal better with their problems and frustrations. If you have any questions about this problem, call us, your caregiver, or the child welfare department.