Cervical Adenitis

You have a swollen lymph gland in your neck. This commonly happens with Strep and virus infections, dental problems, insect bites, and injuries about the face, scalp, or neck. The lymph glands swell as the body fights the infection or heals the injury. Swelling and firmness typically lasts for several weeks after the infection or injury is healed. Rarely lymph glands can become swollen because of cancer or TB.

Antibiotics are prescribed if there is evidence of an infection. Sometimes an infected lymph gland becomes filled with pus. This condition may require opening up the abscessed gland by draining it surgically. Most of the time infected glands return to normal within two weeks. Do not poke or squeeze the swollen lymph nodes. That may keep them from shrinking back to their normal size. If the lymph gland is still swollen after 2 weeks, further medical evaluation is needed.


You have difficulty swallowing or breathing, increased swelling, severe pain, or a high fever.