Cast Care

Your caregiver has immobilized your injury with a cast. Please keep your extremity elevated for the next 3-4 days as this will help prevent swelling and pressure under your cast. Wiggle your fingers or toes frequently to maintain circulation. Keep your cast clean and dry at all times. Do not put any objects under the cast. Trying to scratch itching areas can cause serious skin problems.


  • You develop increasing pain or pressure under the cast.

  • You have numbness or tingling around the injured area.

  • You have discolored, cool, painful or very swollen fingers or toes beyond the cast.

  • The cast feels too tight or too loose

  • You experience unbearable itching inside the cast.

  • Your cast gets wet and develops a soft spot or area.

  • You notice a foul smell coming from the cast (this could indicate infection).

  • You notice any drainage on the cast.

  • You develop a fever greater than 101° F