Blood Transfusion

ExitCare ImageA blood transfusion replaces your blood or some of its parts. Blood is replaced when you have lost blood because of surgery, an accident, or for severe blood conditions like anemia.

You can donate blood to be used on yourself if you have a planned surgery. If you lose blood during that surgery, your own blood can be given back to you.

Any blood given to you is checked to make sure it matches your blood type. Your temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate (vital signs) will be checked often.


  • You feel sick to your stomach (nauseous) or throw up (vomit).

  • You have watery poop (diarrhea).

  • You have shortness of breath or trouble breathing.

  • You have blood in your pee (urine) or have dark colored pee.

  • You have chest pain or tightness.

  • Your eyes or skin turn yellow (jaundice).

  • You have a temperature by mouth above 102° F (38.9° C), not controlled by medicine.

  • You start to shake and have chills.

  • You develop a a red rash (hives) or feel itchy.

  • You develop lightheadedness or feel confused.

  • You develop back, joint, or muscle pain.

  • You do not feel hungry (lost appetite).

  • You feel tired, restless, or nervous.

  • You develop belly (abdominal) cramps.