Vaginal Delivery

Care After

  • Change your pad on each trip to the bathroom.

  • Wipe gently with toilet paper during your hospital stay. Always wipe from front to back. A spray bottle with warm tap water could also be used or a towelette if available.

  • Place your soiled pad and toilet paper in a bathroom wastebasket with a plastic bag liner.

  • During your hospital stay, save any clots. If you pass a clot while on the toilet, do not flush it. Also, if your vaginal flow seems excessive to you, notify nursing personnel.

  • The first time you get out of bed after delivery, wait for assistance from a nurse. Do not get up alone at any time if you feel weak or dizzy.

  • Bend and extend your ankles forcefully so that you feel the calves of your legs get hard. Do this 6 times every hour when you are in bed and awake.

  • Do not sit with one foot under you, dangle your legs over the edge of the bed, or maintain a position that hinders the circulation in your legs.

  • Many women experience after pains for 2 to 3 days after delivery. These after pains are mild uterine contractions. Ask the nurse for a pain medication if you need something for this. Sometimes breastfeeding stimulates after pains; if you find this to be true, ask for the medication ½ - ¾ hour before the next feeding.

  • For you and your infant's protection, do not go beyond the door(s) of the obstetric unit. Do not carry your baby in your arms in the hallway. When taking your baby to and from your room, put your baby in the bassinet and push the bassinet.

  • Mothers may have their babies in their room as much as they desire.