Angelman Syndrome

Angelman syndrome is a neurological disorder. Patients with this disorder may have:

  • Severe mental retardation that is present since birth (congenital).

  • Unusual facial appearance.

  • Muscular abnormalities.


Problems (symptoms) of this disorder include:

  • Unstable jerky gait.

  • Hand flapping.

  • Happy outward appearance.

  • Epilepsy may develop in the early years of life but may decrease with age.

  • Developmental delay.

  • Lack of speech.

  • Small head (microcephaly).

  • Balance problems.


There is no standard course of treatment for this disorder.

  • Physical therapy and adaptive devices may help patients with jerky gait.

  • Early language evaluation and intervention is often recommended.

  • Medications to control seizures may be prescribed for epilepsy.

Most individuals with this disorder will have:

  • Mental delay.

  • Severe speech limitations.

  • An abnormal gait.

Patients may have improvement of symptoms with therapy.