Androstenedione is a steroid hormone that is naturally present in the body. The male androgen, testosterone, and the female estrogens, estrone and estradiol, are made from it. Androgens cause the body to appear more masculine. Estrogens cause the body to appear more feminine. There is little evidence to support that using this steroid improves athletic performance.


Athletes use this steroid in an effort to increase athletic performance, by increasing the amount of testosterone in their body. Testosterone plays a role in building muscle. Athletes who use the steroid believe that it will increase muscle mass and reduce fatigue, improving performance.


  • Acne.

  • Raised cholesterol (risk factor for heart disease).

  • Baldness (loss of hair in both men and women).

  • Mood swings.

  • Decreased feminine qualities and increased masculine qualities.

  • Increased body and facial hair.

  • Deepened voice.

  • Elevated glucose (risk for diabetes).

  • Stunted growth in children and adolescents.


The use of this steroid results in a short-term (3-4 hour) increase of testosterone in the body. This may improve athletic performance. However, no studies have been able to prove this. This steroid is banned by most major athletic governing bodies. These include: National Football League (NFL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and International Olympic Committee.


The most effective way to prevent the side effects of androstenedione supplementation is to not use it. The steroid has not been proven safe or effective. Using it may result in you being banned from competition.