Acoustic Neuroma, Care After

Please read the instructions outlined below. Refer to this sheet in the next few weeks. These discharge instructions provide you with general information on caring for yourself after you leave the hospital. Your surgeon may also give you specific instructions. While your treatment has been planned according to the most current medical practices, unavoidable complications sometimes occur. If you have any problems or questions after discharge, call your surgeon.


A bandage (dressing) may have been applied. This may be changed once per day or as instructed by your caregiver. If the dressing sticks, it may be soaked off with soapy water or hydrogen peroxide. Only take over-the-counter or prescription medicines for pain, discomfort or fever as directed by your caregiver.


  • You have redness, swelling, or increasing pain in the wound.

  • You notice pus coming from the wound.

  • You have a fever.

  • You notice a bad smell coming from the wound or dressing.

  • Your wound edges separate after the stitches have been removed.