Abdominal Migraine

Abdominal migraine is one of the types of migraine headache. It is also known by other names including "periodic syndrome". The periodic type more commonly occurs in children. Such children usually have a family history of migraine. Children may go on to develop typical migraines later in their lives.


The attacks usually include intermittent periods of abdominal pain. Along with the abdominal pain, other symptoms may occur such as:

  • Nausea.

  • Vomiting.

  • Intense blushing or reddening of the skin (flushing).

  • Pale appearance to the skin (pallor).


Tests may fail to reveal a cause for the pain. EEG (a test which records the electrical activity in your brain) results may suggest epilepsy. But this is rarely related to seizures.

Medications that are useful in treating migraine also work to control these attacks in most children.